Summer URS Starbucks Sustainable Solutions and Learning Opportunities Research Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY: All current UC San Diego undergraduates in any major who will be enrolled the following school year are eligible to apply. Students who plan on graduating mid-year next academic year may also apply, provided the project and final report are completed before graduation.

Applicants must be U.S. citizens, permanent residents, eligible under AB540 “California Dream Act”, or international citizens. The project must be completed while the applicant is a UC San Diego undergraduate. Students will not be eligible if they will have graduated before summer. Students also cannot be part of a BS/MS or BA/MA program during the award period. Applicants submit one research proposal per scholarship. The same proposal may be used for multiple research scholarship applications, as indicated on the application form. If chosen for more than one scholarship, a student may only accept one scholarship during the summer research period. Applicants may re-apply for the scholarship, even if they’ve been awarded a scholarship in previous years. There is no guarantee to receive the scholarship, even if you’ve been awarded in the past — all applicants are considered against the applicant pool of that year only. Please note that if awarded, students will not be allowed to take additional courses or get paid through a job during the duration of the scholarship. We would like all awardees to be able to focus on the research full-time. The Starbucks Sustainable Solutions and Learning Opportunities Scholarship may not be used for Alternative Breaks, academic course registration or fees, insurance or medical costs.


The Starbucks Sustainable Solutions and Learning Opportunities Scholarship is an undergraduate research scholarship (URS) opportunity provided by Starbucks Corporation in collaboration with University Centers at UC San Diego. One (1) scholarship will be available each year, with the award totaling $5,000. The purpose of the scholarship is to assist UC San Diego students with research or learning projects related to sustainability, including resource conservation or agricultural environmental practices (herein referred to as the project).

Summer Research Program
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  3. Summer Research Scholarship Requirements:

  4. URS - Title of Your Research Proposal

  5. URS - Overview/Abstract of the Project

  6. URS - Research Proposal/Project Description

    Include a detailed description of the project you would like to propose. Please ensure that you write this proposal. It can be based on discussions with your research mentor(s), and even edited by your research mentor(s), but it is intended to be primarily composed by you, the student planning to do the research. Many proposed projects are based on work already being performed in their research mentor's group, and that is allowable. You must be clear about your role in this project.

    More information about required sections in your proposal can be found at the URS website.

  7. URS - IRB Approval

    Is Internal Review Board (IRB) approval necessary for this project, and if so, has it been obtained by you or your faculty mentor?
  8. Research Proposal Authorship Confirmation

  9. URS - Personal Statement

    Describe how carrying out this summer research project would advance your academic and professional goals. More information about required sections in your personal statement can be found at the URS website. (600 word max)

  10. URS Starbucks - Sustainability Essay

    Explain how your project objectives relate to sustainability issues and/or what outcomes from this project will address key issues in sustainability i.e. food/water scarcity, agriculture, carbon reduction, nutrition, waste minimization concerns? (300 words maximum)
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    Indicating your ranking here does NOT serve as an application to these programs; the programs listed below have a separate application process for each opportunity. When you submit the current application, you will have applied to only THIS URS opportunity and will need to submit separate applications to the other opportunities.

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