Prestigious - Donald A. Strauss Scholarship for Public Service

$15,000 ($8,000 grant for the project; $7,000 for applicant's educational support)
Academic Year, Prestigious Scholarships
Supplemental Questions
  1. NCS Strauss - Application Summary
  2. NCS Strauss - One-page Resume.
  3. NCS Strauss - One-page Personal Essay.
  4. NCS Strauss - A Project Proposal.
  5. NCS Strauss - Letters of Recommendation/Support (2 required).

    Please include the name and email addresses of 2 people who can write letters on your behalf.

    Once you click on the button that says save and keep editing, an email will be sent immediately to the letter writer requesting that they upload a letter on your behalf. We highly recommend that you speak to your letter writers beforehand to ensure that he/she/they would be willing to write a strong letter for you before the deadline.
    • a. Letter Writer #1
    • b. Letter Writer #2
  6. NCS Strauss - Letter of Support (optional)

  7. NCS Strauss - Signed Acceptance Agreement.
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