Summer URS Doris A. Howell Research Scholarship for Women's Health

ELIGIBILITY: Citizenship – US Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Dream Act Eligible/AB540. Women’s health-related proposals. Preference is given to applications that study disease prevention in, for example, diabetes, obesity and cancer. Proposals may describe an approach to examine biological, medical, cultural, economic, behavioral, psychosocial, or cross-cultural influences.

Supplemental Questions
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  2. URS - Title of Your Research Proposal

  3. URS - Research Proposal and Personal Statement

    Please upload ONE DOCUMENT that contains both your research proposal and personal statement.
  4. URS Howell - Women's Health Essay

    Please describe your commitment to and interest in women’s health. (300 words max.)
  5. URS - Proposal sub-field

    Please indicate the sub-field of your research proposal.
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