Summer URS Julia Brown Research Scholarship for Health and Medical Professions, or Medical Research

ELIGIBILITY: Must be JUNIOR or SENIOR standing at the end of this academic year. Citizenship – US Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Dream Act Eligible/AB540. Gives consideration to students whose career objectives are in health care, medicine, medical research, pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, or public health. _Preference _may be given to students with extenuating circumstances or financial need, although this is not a requirement.

Supplemental Questions
  1. URS - Faculty Sponsor and Contact Information

    Please enter the name and email of your Faculty Sponsor ASAP.
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    • B. Sponsoring Faculty's Department
  2. URS - Title of Your Research Proposal

  3. URS - Research Proposal and Personal Statement

    Please upload ONE DOCUMENT that contains both your research proposal and personal statement.
  4. URS - Proposal sub-field

    Please indicate the sub-field of your research proposal.
  5. Scholarship Ranking

    If applying for more than 1 scholarship, please rank your top 3 choices (if applicable). Otherwise, please select "Not applying for other scholarships."

    NOTE: While we only ask for your top 3, you can apply to more than 3 scholarships. Submit applications for all scholarships for which you are eligible. Please make sure this ranking is consistent across all opportunities you apply for.
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