Summer URS NEW Scholars Program for Undocumented Students

ELIGIBILITY: AB540/California Dream Act eligible students ONLY.

Majors: open to ALL FIELDS.

The NEW Scholars Program is an intense summer research opportunity for undocumented undergraduate students that are eligible for AB540/California Dream Act Financial Aid. Students in this program participate in 10-12 weeks of full-time faculty-mentored research. _Preference _may be given to students who have not received the NEW Scholars Research Scholarship in the past.

In addition, participants receive optional training in how to write and present a scholarly paper, and participate in Summer Research Program (SRP) activities. This program is funded by a grant from the UC Office of the President. NEW Scholars receive the opportunity to present their research at the Summer Research Conference in mid-August of each year.

Supplemental Questions
  1. URS - Faculty Sponsor and Contact Information

    Please enter the name and email of your Faculty Sponsor ASAP.
    • A. Faculty member's name and email address
    • B. Sponsoring Faculty's Department
  2. URS - Title of Your Research Proposal

  3. URS - Overview/Abstract of the Project

  4. URS - Research Proposal

    Include a detailed description of the project you would like to propose. Please ensure that you write this proposal. It can be based on discussions with your research mentor(s), and even edited by your research mentor(s), but it is intended to be primarily composed by you, then student planning to do the research. Many proposed projects are based on work already being performed in their research mentor's group, and that is allowable. You must be clear about your role in this project.

    More information about required sections in your proposal can be found at the URS website.

    File naming convention should be: LastName Firstname - proposal.doc or .pdf
  5. URS - Personal Statement

    Describe how carrying out this summer research project would advance your academic and professional goals. More information about required sections in your personal statement can be found at the URS website. (600 word max)
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