Summer URS Philip and Elizabeth Hiestand Scholars for cross-disciplinary Engineering and SIO projects

ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must be U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or eligible under AB540 “California Dream Act”. Gives consideration to students in Engineering working on SIO projects, or student at SIO working on Engineering projects.

Students can either select from one of the listed projects, or propose one of their own. If proposing your own project, you will need to find a research mentor to oversee your project. For proposing your own project, in the Project Rankings question, select “other” and answer the questions on project title, abstract, proposal, personal statement, and proposal authorship confirmation.

Supplemental Questions
  1. URS - CV upload

  2. URS - Faculty Sponsor and Contact Information

    Please enter the name and email of your Faculty Sponsor ASAP.

    If your faculty mentor is having trouble with receiving the request to submit the letter of recommendation, please have them contact Dr. Sophia Tsai ( for assistance.

    • A. Faculty member's name and email address
    • B. Sponsoring Faculty's Department
  3. URS Hiestand - Project Rankings.

    Please rank your top three choices for a project this summer, if chosen. Project descriptions can be found HERE.

    If you select one of these options, please answer the question about "Project Fit" below.

    If you have your own project (similar to other URS opportunities), please select "other" and enter project title, abstract, proposal, personal statement, and proposal authorship confirmation in subsequent questions.
    • a. First project choice.
    • b. Second project choice.
    • c. Third project choice.
  4. Summer Research Scholarship Requirements:

  5. URS - Title of Your Research Proposal

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