Summer URS Eureka! Research Scholarship for Biological Sciences majors

ELIGIBILITY: Biological Sciences majors ONLY (does not include SIO). Citizenship – US Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Dream Act Eligible/AB540. Second-year and above. Promotes engagement in basic and translational biology by facilitating students’ participation in research opportunities both at the UC San Diego campus and at research facilities on the San Diego Mesa (located north of UCSD). This program is for all undergraduate Biology students, including those who have faced obstacles that have limited their ability to conduct research. Successful proposals will show evidence that the scholarship will provide the students with an opportunity to have a significant research experience.

Supplemental Questions
  1. URS - Faculty Sponsor and Contact Information

    Please enter the name and email of your Faculty Sponsor ASAP.

    If your faculty mentor is having trouble with receiving the request to submit the letter of recommendation, please have them contact Dr. Sophia Tsai ( for assistance.

    • A. Faculty member's name and email address
    • B. Sponsoring Faculty's Department
  2. Summer Research Scholarship Requirements:

  3. URS - Title of Your Research Proposal

  4. URS - Overview/Abstract of the Project

  5. URS - Research Proposal

    Include a detailed description of the project you would like to propose. Please ensure that you write this proposal. It can be based on discussions with your research mentor(s), and even edited by your research mentor(s), but it is intended to be primarily composed by you, the student planning to do the research. Many proposed projects are based on work already being performed in their research mentor's group, and that is allowable. You must be clear about your role in this project.

    More information about required sections in your proposal can be found at the URS website.

    File naming convention should be: LastName Firstname - proposal.doc or .pdf
    The file name can only have the following characters: a-z A-Z 0-9 _ . -
    The file name can only have a single '.'

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