BUMMP End Of Year Scholarship - Undergraduate Student

The BUMMP end-of-year scholarships are intended to support low-income, first-generation college students, and students from groups underrepresented in graduate education. One undergraduate and one master’s student will be selected for this award based on their academic achievements, their involvement in research, and their demonstrated commitment to enhancing diversity and inclusion within the UCSD community. Applicants must be within a STEM field, preferably related to biology. Applicants can be of any class standing and of any citizenship status. Students who receive a scholarship will earn a stipend of $1,000.
Must self-declare the following:
a) URM, LGBTQ+ and/or disability status as defined by the NIH
b) First-generation college status
c) Low- income background
Be a participant of the BUMMP program. Click here for more information on how to register for the BUMMP program.

Academic Year
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please indicate if you identify as the following: Select all that apply
  2. BUMMP - Personal Statement
  3. Explain what obstacles you have faced that have limited your ability to do research, participate in creative endeavors, or do community service projects. How will the BUMMP program help to alleviate these obstacles?
  4. BUMMP - Leadership Statement
  5. BUMMP - Statement of Principles