Summer URS Ledell Family Research Scholarship for Science and Engineering

ELIGIBILITY: Citizenship – US Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Dream Act Eligible/AB540. Gives consideration to proposals designed to pursue special studies and projects in physical sciences (including mathematics), life/biological sciences (including Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)), data science, engineering, or other similar fields in science and engineering.

Summer Research Program
Supplemental Questions
  1. URS - Faculty Mentor information

    • a. Mentor's Title

      Please enter your mentor's title (Dr., Professor, etc.)

    • b. URS - Faculty Mentor

      Please enter the name of your faculty mentor.

    • c. URS - Faculty Mentor Email Address

      Please enter your mentor's email address.

  2. URS - Faculty Sponsor and Contact Information for Letter of Recommendation/Support

    Please re-enter the name and email of your Faculty Sponsor ASAP. When you click on "save and keep editing", an email will be sent to this individual immediately, requesting a letter.

    If your faculty mentor is having trouble with receiving the request to submit the letter of recommendation, please have them contact Dr. Sophia Tsai Neri ( for assistance.
    • A. Faculty member's name and email address
    • B. Sponsoring Faculty's Department
  3. Summer Research Scholarship Requirements:

  4. URS - Title of Your Research Proposal

  5. URS - Overview/Abstract of the Project

  6. URS - Research Proposal

    Include a detailed description of the project you would like to propose. Please ensure that you write this proposal. It can be based on discussions with your research mentor(s), and even edited by your research mentor(s), but it is intended to be primarily composed by you, the student planning to do the research. Many proposed projects are based on work already being performed in their research mentor's group, and that is allowable. You must be clear about your role in this project.

    More information about required sections in your proposal can be found at the URS website.

  7. URS - IRB Approval

    Is Internal Review Board (IRB) approval necessary for this project, and if so, has it been obtained by you or your faculty mentor?
  8. Research Proposal Authorship Confirmation

  9. URS - Personal Statement

    Describe how carrying out this summer research project would advance your academic and professional goals. More information about required sections in your personal statement can be found at the URS website. (600 word max)

  10. URS - Project Area

    What general field(s) is/are your project in? (Select all that apply)
  11. URS - Proposal sub-field

    Please indicate the sub-field of your research proposal.

  12. URS Scholars - Program Ranking

    Below are a number of programs to which you might be applying. Please indicate your top three choices among these programs. If you are applying to fewer than three programs, you can select “Not applying to other programs.” Please ensure that you enter your ranking of top 3 choices in the same order for each application that you submit in this application portal.

    Many students who apply to the URS opportunities also apply to other opportunities for the summer. Students can apply to as many opportunities as they are eligible for; you are not restricted to just the top 3 listed below. Applicants are encouraged to explore a variety of options and to apply to multiple programs. Note that if you do get accepted into multiple programs, you will only be able to accept one.

    Indicating your ranking here does NOT serve as an application to these programs; the programs listed below have a separate application process for each opportunity. When you submit the current application, you will have applied to only THIS URS opportunity and will need to submit separate applications to the other opportunities.

    • First choice
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    • Third choice
  13. How did you hear about this application?
    • How did you hear about this application?
    • If you selected any option(s) that ask(s) you to "Specify Below," please elaborate here. Otherwise, type N/A.
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