Summer Research Program: Triton Research and Experiential Learning Scholars (TRELS)

The TRELS Summer Research Program supports students pursuing research and experiential learning opportunities during the summer session.

TRELS SRP applicants must be current UC San Diego undergraduate students who will be continuing as UC San Diego undergraduate students during the following Fall Quarter. Applicants can be of any citizenship status and pursuing any major. All applicants must have at least a 2.5 GPA at UC San Diego, except for newly enrolled first-year students and transfer students who may not yet have an official UC San Diego GPA at the time of applying.

Students who participate in the TRELS Summer Research Program will earn a $5,000 stipend, which is disbursed via your Student Financial Solutions (SFS) account over several installments during the summer. TRELS scholars in the summer program are expected to be devoted full-time to their project and related TRELS activities over the full 10 weeks of the summer session. Accordingly, TRELS scholars in the summer program are not allowed to work on campus or pursue courses for academic credit during the summer session.

Summer Research Program
Supplemental Questions
  1. TRELS - Statement of Interest

    Explain how your participation in the TRELS program will help you achieve your educational and career goals.

  2. TRELS - Statement of Obstacles

    Explain what obstacles you have faced that have made it difficult to pursue higher education and to participate in research activities, creative endeavors, or community service. How will the TRELS program help you to overcome these obstacles?

  3. TRELS - Project Proposal

    Please describe the project you would like to conduct in terms that can be understood by a non-expert audience.

    Each project proposal will be different based on your field of study, but some general points that you MIGHT discuss include: topic, central question(s), methods, and/or a project timeline.

    We encourage students to reach out to faculty mentors and/or the Writing Hub ( for support and feedback in writing project proposals.

  4. TRELS - Independence

    TRELS is meant to support your independent project, which should be supervised and mentored by a faculty member, but which should be your own work and responsibility. Please explain how your project reflects your independent work. If you are proposing to work on a larger collaborative project, please explain which piece of this project will be your specific responsibility.

  5. TRELS SRP - Deliverables

    The TRELS Summer Research Program requires each student to present the outcomes/findings of their project in the form of an oral presentation at the Summer Research Conference (SRC) in mid-August (week 8 of the 10-week program), as well as submitting a research product (research paper or other item) to the mentor and coordinator by the end of August (week 10 of the 10-week program). Have you presented before? If so, what steps did you take to successfully share your research findings with others? If you have not presented before, what do you hope to gain from the experience?

  6. TRELS - Previous Award

    Have you accepted a TRELS award in the past?

  7. TRELS - Progress Report

    If you have previously accepted a TRELS award for this project, please provide a brief update on the progress of your project thus far. Updates might include notes of meetings held with your mentor, a project timeline, a research plan, etc.

  8. TRELS - Faculty Mentor

    Please enter the name of your faculty mentor.

  9. TRELS - Faculty Mentor Email Address

    Please enter your mentor's email address.

  10. TRELS - Faculty Support

    Please re-enter the name and email of your faculty mentor by clicking "Add a New Reference" ASAP. This should be the UC San Diego academic faculty member with whom you plan to do your proposed TRELS project. Graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, research scientists, and/or visiting lecturers are not eligible to serve as formal TRELS mentors, although we do encourage students to develop additional mentoring relationships beyond their primary faculty mentor. Once this information is entered and saved, our office will send an auto-email to your professor requesting their support. Please speak to your supporting professor for authorization before you begin your application. Read the application instructions very carefully and follow-up with your professor to confirm their receipt of the auto-emails. Applications without a statement of support will not be reviewed. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the statement of support is submitted by the application deadline.

    Note that there is NO LETTER of recommendation required, just a request for the faculty to agree to statements of support for this project.

  11. TRELS - Project Type

    What kind of project are you proposing?

  12. TRELS - Project Type (Other)

    If 'other', please specify here.

  13. Project Area

    What is the field or interdisciplinary area of your project? (Select all that apply)

    • A. General field(s) of your project
    • B. Sub-field(s) of your project
  14. Are you proposing this as a TRELS-Black Experience (TRELS-BE) project?

    The Undergraduate Colleges at UC San Diego pledge at least one TRELS award per cycle per college for student projects engaged in experiential learning related to the Black Experience (TRELS-BE).

    Although it is not a requirement, we encourage TRELS-BE projects that are consistent with the mission or theme of the student’s Undergraduate College. Applications not selected for a TRELS-BE award will automatically be considered for a general TRELS scholarship.

  15. TRELS Summer Program Requirements (in order to be eligible, all of the following must be checked):
  16. Clarification of Responses
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