CAMP - Quarterly

Supplemental Questions
  1. CAMP Eligibility Do you affirm that you meet the CAMP eligibility requirements?
  2. CAMP - Personal Essay - Explain how your participation in CAMP can help you achieve your educational and career goals. Please describe how your skills and experiences will allow you to conduct the kind of research you intend to pursue during the award period. You should also provide an explanation of the kind of skills, experiences, and/or professional relationships you hope to develop as a result of your participation in CAMP.
  3. CAMP Mission The California Alliance for Minority Participation (CAMP) is an NSF-funded program that has two primary goals: 1) to increase the retention and graduation of historically underrepresented minority students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines, such that 2) these students will diversify the nation’s STEM careers. Please indicate how you support the mission of CAMP.
  4. CAMP - Project Description Please describe the research you would like to conduct in terms that can be understood by a non-expert audience. We encourage students to reach out to faculty mentors and/or the Writing Hub ( for support and feedback in writing project descriptions.
  5. CAMP - Faculty Mentor Please enter the name of your faculty mentor.
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